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John crowhurst
After a few false starts I've managed to put together a Mayan calendar script that returns an image, the numbers will increment daily so when you read this, it will display the current date:


Its real name is the mesoamerican long chart calendar and it started in 11th August 3114 BCE. On 21st December 2012, the calendar rolls round to and the Mayans believed that on each big number change a significant event occurs.
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I've been wondering this recently.

You can now download all your history and junk from Facebook and discovered I've been on there for 4 years this year. Thinking about this some more, it means I will have been on LiveJournal for 10 years next year as well as my 18th anniversary of being on the Internet.

I still (vaguely) remember the book I bought (The Whole Internet) and interviewing the local Internet company of the time for a college project, the company was part of EUNet based in the University of Kent at Canterbury. They wanted £300 per month for a dial-up connection to the Internet, which I thought was a bit too steep back then. So after attending a show and meeting some very amazing people at the Demon stand, I timidly asked about the service from Peter Galbavy and he told me £10 per month + VAT.

That year, .Net magazine had run a feature on Demon Internet, so a few months later, I met one of the stars of that magazine at their office in Hendon Lane. To be honest, I was a bit shell shocked at meeting a 'celebrity' but she took my 12 cheques and in return gave me my letter and floppy disk of software I needed to connect to their service. Since I was a poor student, my modem (a second hand Prestel 1200/75) was way too slow for their service so I used the college library's 2400 modem and watched as the letters formed on the screen one by one.

It wasn't long before I got my first semi-decent 14.4K Pace microlin modem and was off on the Internet at home. Demon's service at the time was a call to London (though later calls to Scotland and Isle of Wight were less crowded) so BT were making a killing out of me with long distance numbers. 

I started working for Demon in 1997 and left them in 2001 though I had the same dial-up account (wine-gum.demon.co.uk) from 1994-2002 before switching over to broadband.

In 2002, I joined LiveJournal practically after a painful breakup with my girlfriend at the time, she dumped me by email a week after I lost my job with a company in Crawley and since she was manipulative, hated the idea of hypnotherapy and blogs that I did both after being dumped.

Its funny in a way, 10 years after I started work with Demon, I joined Facebook. This year, friends from Demon have added me to their LinkedIn accounts.

I've met (and made) some truly amazing friends over the last (almost 18 years) online. Who knows where the future goes or what the future holds.
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In the old garden, as it is known (Plots E, F and G) are the Victorian graves.

The old garden is left to get overgrown, but if you walk through it, you will find a grave where the grass is kept neat and cut short, the white fence around its border and its headstone supplied by local residents.

This is the grave of George Monger, who at the age of 17 whilst serving as a private in the 23rd regiment (later to become the Royal Welch Fusiliers) in the Indian Mutiny and was awarded the VC for rescuing an injured corporal under heavy fire, he was one of the youngest to be awarded the medal. He died of consumption at the age of 47.

He has one of the best kept graves in the cemetery and commands the respect of all the workers at the cemetery.
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This one came to me from spirit: Change comes from within

Its actually obvious, people cannot change you and you cannot change others. Try and you will only end up with failure.

The decision for change comes from inside you, you take the choices in life that lead to that change happening and it will happen. Its like the NLP message: if it doesn't work, change it.
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From the following link: http://www.prisonplanet.com/epidemic-of-vitamin-d-deficiency-sweeping-the-world.html

...When it comes to keeping people healthy, all the drugs in the world can’t accomplish what vitamin D can accomplish… simply, affordably and safely.

You can get it for free. No prescription required. No visit to the doctor. You don’t even need to buy supplements to get this. Just walk outside, under the sun, and initiate your own healing.

That very idea — that patients can cure their own cancers by taking a walk in nature — is the most fearful thing in the world to the cancer and vaccine industries. Big Pharma is horrified at the idea of people becoming nutritionally literate and realizing that vitamin D, all by itself, eliminates the need for potentially hundreds of different medications and vaccines. It activates healing, it defends the body against disease, and it’s the single greatest threat to the profitability of the sick-care industry that dominates medicine today.

If modern medicine could ban Vitamin D, they would do so in an instant. They may yet pull that off, in fact, through Sen. McCain’s attempts to destroy nutritional supplements.
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I made a CD for a friend that uses isocronic waves, but since she doesn't understand hertz, it went way over her head.

The sinewave was discovered and can be replicated by attaching a pen to wheel, such as a car tyre or bicycle wheel. The result drawn on a sheet of paper by the wheel follows the curve of the wheel halfway and then performs an exact mirror image on the under side:
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My girlfriend has just been the victim of a rogue spyware application, she was telling me how great this software her ex got her to buy, so I ran it through google with the extra keyword "rogue" sure enough her software came up as rogue software.

I advised her that she should contact her bank and get the payment stopped, suggested she should get her card changed asap so that no other transactions can be made with it and remove the software from her computer.

The rogue program was called SpywareBot, a similar sounding name to Spybot. The company has a history of overcharging customers for their software and there may be a chance the card details will be used for unsavoury purposes. The software costs $20 and they mysteriously charge $80 to the card.

I also found that Spyware Warrior keeps a page (or rather 50 pages) of rogue Anti Spyware products.

These are trustworthy applications:
Lavasoft's AdAware
AVG Anti-Spyware
CA's Pest Patrol
Spy Sweeper
Spyware Doctor
Super AntiSpyware
Sunbelt's CounterSpy
Spybot Search & Destroy
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I've just noticed that my Yahoo account has a lot of greetings card spam all of a sudden. The link takes you to an ecard.exe file that downloads automatically.

I suspect this is probably a virus.

Another thing to keep an eye out for.
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After appearing in Harry Potter, Helena Bonham Carter is going to be starring in Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney Todd lived in Hastings, he and his fiancée lived above a butcher's shop (now a bridal shop). Her father owned the shop and he would have inherited the business had she not spurned him. In his fury, he killed her and fled to London where he started his infamous barber shop in Fleet Street.

Todd's reputation in London may have been fictional, but the fact he lived in Hastings and killed his lover is not.
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Just as everyone is getting inundated with the HP spoiler, here's mine:

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